April 3, 2023

What Is Tooth Uncovering and Why You Might Need It in Northern Virginia?

Tooth Uncovering Northern VirginiaIf your dentist recommends tooth uncovering, you may be confused. Thankfully, tooth uncovering is a relatively easy procedure. Here, we go over the tooth uncovering process and what to expect during the procedure and recovery. So, let's dive into tooth uncovering in Northern Virginia.

What Is Tooth Uncovering?

Normally, a permanent tooth pushes through the gumline during childhood or adolescence. Wisdom teeth usually erupt between 18 and 21, though common issues such as impaction are associated with wisdom teeth. However, if you have a permanent tooth that refuses to erupt, you may need your tooth uncovered. 

Tooth uncovering involves removing the gum covering the tooth and then encouraging the tooth to move downward. Depending on the level of dental impaction, your dentist may attach an orthodontic tool like a chain to the adult tooth to encourage it to move down. This surgical procedure can help move teeth stuck behind other teeth (impacted) or that refuse to erupt. 

How Long Does a Tooth Uncovering Take?

Uncovering a tooth can be a long, involved process. However, the actual procedure takes place over several dental visits. First, your dentist conducts x-rays to check the permanent tooth and see where the impaction is. 

If the tooth is stuck behind another tooth, this can cause complications and may require extraction. However, if the tooth refuses to erupt for other reasons, your dentist may recommend tooth uncovering and an orthodontic tool to move the tooth into place. 

Does Tooth Uncovering Hurt?

Because your dentist cuts into your gum to move the tooth down, some healing and discomfort are associated with tooth exposure and uncovering. However, your dentist uses topical and localized anesthetic and numbing agents to ensure patients feel minimal discomfort. 

Be sure to follow all dentist recommendations after the procedure. In addition, contact your dentist if you experience any signs of infection, such as redness, bleeding, swelling, and a persistent or sudden foul taste in your mouth. 

If your dentist installs an orthodontic tool to move the tooth, you may experience soreness over time. This can happen as your dentist slowly brings the tooth down using constant pressure. Thankfully, over-the-counter pain medications can help ease soreness after an adjustment appointment. Talk to your dentist about your options at your next appointment. 

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Exposure and Uncovering?

Tooth exposure and uncovering can reduce pain associated with a tooth trying to erupt and improve your smile's overall appearance. It can also allow your dentist to move existing teeth better if you have braces or other dental appliances. Dental exposure and uncovering also can prevent your dentist from needing to remove the tooth entirely, allowing you to keep your natural teeth.


If you have questions about dental uncovering in Northern Virginia, contact Washington Periodontics at (703) 569-4040 or schedule an appointment here. Our trained specialists would happily answer any questions and ease your mind about tooth exposure and uncovering. Call us today to make an appointment.





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