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Looking for the best Scaling and Root Planing Treatment in Northern Virginia?

When visiting Washington Periodontics, you can always expect to receive the highest level of care and compassion in a patient-focused environment. Our periodontist in Burke, VA, will help widen your understanding of your dental needs and empower you to make better-informed decisions regarding your oral health.

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What is Scaling and Root Planing?

The first step in treating gum disease is to clean the teeth and smooth the roots. During this procedure, the dentist does a deep cleaning that gets rid of all the tartar and plaque above and below the gumline. After the dentist gets rid of the plaque, the root surfaces of your teeth will be smoothed out so that your teeth can reattach to your gums.

Depending on how far the disease has spread, you may need another scaling and root planing. The doctor will then give you an antibiotic mouth rinse to keep an infection from happening.

Why would you need Scaling and Root Planing?

To stop gum disease, scaling and root planing are done.
Scaling and root planing is a more thorough way to clean your teeth that can help keep gum disease from getting worse in its early stages. Scaling is a way for a dentist to get rid of plaque under the gum line so that the gums can fit back around the roots of the teeth. It's important to know the signs of gum disease and if you might need the treatment "scaling teeth" because that can help you avoid getting gum disease in the future.

Bleeding Gums

Plaque under the gum line can be seen first when you brush or floss and your gums bleed. Even if you only see a tiny spot of blood when you brush your teeth, it means that bacteria are living on a plaque deposit below the gum line. Plaque is removed by scaling procedures when cleaning is done on time. If you keep brushing and flossing, the bacteria can't come back as long as the plaque is gone.

Deep Pockets

Your dentist or hygienist will use a small probe to check the depth of the gum tissue around your teeth during your regular cleanings every six months. When you bite and chew, your teeth's roots need to be held securely in place by tight pockets. Most dentists say that a scaling procedure should be done on any tooth that measures more than four millimeters. If a root pocket is cleaned out when it is only five or six millimeters deep, root damage and tooth loss can be avoided.

Inflammation in the Gums

In the early stages of gingivitis, your gums may start to bleed and get red and swollen around certain teeth. This is not as bad as an abscess, but it still means that bacteria are infecting the gum tissue and making it sore. Scaling can get rid of the deposits and smooth out the tooth roots, making it harder for plaque to stick to the same spots in the future.

Visible Gum Recession

As gum pockets get bigger and deeper, you may notice that the gum line around the tooth shrinks or pulls back. If your gums are receding, you should always go to the dentist to find out why. This is because it can be caused by many serious oral health problems. Even as you get older, healthy gums will only shrink a little bit, so any visible recession could be a sign that pockets are forming around the roots of your teeth.

Hidden Bone Loss

Most adults need at least one set of x-rays a year to check on the health of their jawbones and tooth roots. The American Academy of Periodontology says that a root scaling procedure will help when an x-ray shows bone loss or separation between the roots and the jaw. 

Are you worried that you might already have gingivitis? Teeth may need to be scaled. Make an appointment with Washington Periodontics for an exam that will tell you if this treatment is right for you.

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Are you accepting new Scaling and Root Planing Patients?

Yes, we would be happy to schedule your appointment today!

What are the benefits of getting a Scaling and Root Planing Procedure?

  • Reducing your risk of gum disease progression.
  • Improved overall oral and general health.
  • A clean healthy smile.

Dr. Christine Karapetian

Board-Certified Periodontist & Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Karapetian is Board Certified as a Periodontist by the American Board of Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery. She has spent countless hours in post-graduate education on dental implants, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive dentistry. She has participated in several research projects and has lectured at several meetings including the NE Implant Society meetings.

Dr. Karapetian completed her periodontal residency New York University and received a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and certificate in Periodontics.

Dr. Karapetian attended the James Madison University and received a BS in Biology with a concentration in Immunology and Microbiology.

For your dental implant procedure:

Dental implant survival and success rates in dental surgery practices are higher than the same procedures performed by general dentists.

Dr. Karapetian is an expert in periodontal surgery and has won awards for her work. The doctor is an expert in a wide range of Periodontal treatments, which cover the tissues that surround and support your teeth and tooth implants. When you see Dr. Karapetian, you can be sure that her advanced training and expertise will ensure you have less pain, faster recovery time and a more beautiful smile.

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A Surgical Procedure

Dental implants are surgically placed, requiring special education, training, and experience to ensure the best results.

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Dental Implant Specialists

Periodontists are, in fact, dental implant experts who perform multiple implant surgeries every day and have placed thousands of implants.

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Advanced Education

Periodontist receive an additional 3 years of specialized training and education in periodontics and implantology, beyond the standard four years of dental school.

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Treating Your Gums

Periodontists are experts at diagnosing and treating diseases of the gum, bone and other tissues surrounding your teeth – helping ensure your overall oral health.

A Team that Truly Cares

At Washington Periodontics, we believe in going the extra mile to make every patient feel comfortable. Our experienced and trusted doctor and our friendly dental team will alleviate your dental anxiety by promoting a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere while still delivering top-notch dental work.
We will outline your treatment options and answer any questions so that you can make every dental decision with confidence.

Fully Dedicated to Your Dental Health


Washington Periodontics

Dr. Christine Karapetian
Director of Washington Periodontics

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

At Washington Periodontics, we regularly invest in our dental practice to provide patients with the most up-to-date technology. From fast and non-invasive digital scanning to highly durable dental materials, expect only the best from our services.

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If you have dental insurance, our customer service team will provide the paperwork and documentation necessary to maximize all benefits of your policy. We also offer convenient financing options for all out-of-pocket costs associated with your dental care, including low or zero-interest payment plans. Our team will cover every route and work with you to create a payment plan that fits your needs.



Implants remain the leading solution for simulating the look, feel, and function of natural teeth. As a provider of affordable dental implants in the northern Virginia area, we do more than replace or fix your teeth. The implants also help strengthen and preserve your jaw bone structure to prevent hastened facial aging.


If you’re looking for provider of all-on-4 implants in Burke, VA, look no further. At Washington Periodontics, you can get a complete set of teeth in a single day! This treatment addresses all of your missing or damaged teeth in one fell swoop to minimize the treatment time, recovery period, and overall cost.
Implant-supported dentures effectively tackle all of the issues associated with traditional dentures. This treatment doesn’t require frequent adjustments because the implants prevent jawbone weakening that often comes with tooth loss. With these dentures, you can expect a dramatic improvement in your tooth stability, overall comfort, and chewing ability right away.


Proactive prevention is always better than a cure in our book. We perform professional cleanings to help you avoid future complications associated with plaque and tartar buildup. Our team will also look for problem areas and make recommendations to improve your oral care routine.
In severe cases of periodontitis, a patient may need bone grafts to replace bone destroyed by gum disease and promote new bone growth to give their new teeth more stability. We also perform tissue grafting to restore receded gum areas to improve your smile’s appearance and protect exposed bone.
If you suffer from severe gum disease or overall poor dental health, our periodontist in Burke, VA, offers comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitations. By using a combination of advanced treatments like root planing and pocket surgery, we can eliminate the damage tooth decay.
Afterward, we use fillings, crowns, dentures, veneers, bridges, and dental implants to bring back your healthy, sparkling smile.

You would be surprised just how much a new smile can change your life for the better – personally, socially and professionally.

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