March 1, 2023

Is There a Benefit to Having a Periodontist Extract My Teeth?

tooth extractionWhile a family dentist may be able to extract your tooth, there are benefits to having a periodontist remove your tooth. Not only are periodontists well-versed in gum issues and gum disease, but they can also examine the remaining bone and check for any issues. If you want to replace the tooth with an implant, they can provide a detailed examination and point out structural problems. Let's examine why a periodontist tooth extraction can benefit your dental health. 


Periodontists Can Treat Gum Infections

Thanks to their experience with gums and periodontal disease, periodontists can quickly identify potential infections and offer treatment after tooth extraction. While not every extraction gets infected, having an expert to analyze and treat any complications or problems after a tooth extraction is always comforting. 


Periodontists can carefully remove a tooth without overly impacting the surrounding gum tissue, helping reduce recovery time and ensuring you don't suffer more discomfort than necessary during the healing process. Thanks to years of experience, periodontists are experts at removing teeth and caring for the remaining gumline. So you're working with an expert when you go in for a periodontal tooth extraction. 


Periodontists Are More Qualified to Examine the Remaining Bone Structure

Thanks to years of experience, periodontists can examine what's left of your bone structure after tooth removal. Not only does this allow them to identify any trauma to the underlying jawbone after an extraction, but it allows them to assess healing time better and potentially identify dental root issues before they become serious. 


Periodontists Are Experienced with Dental Implants

Analyzing your jawline during extraction gives a better idea of future dental options, including implants and other dental devices to replace your missing tooth. Your periodontist can assess if you'd be a good candidate for dental implants and help you decide your options for future dental work. If you want to replace your missing tooth, they can offer advice about the odds of a dental implant working or suggest dental bridges or other appliances to help improve your smile. 


Since dental implants require healthy bone tissue, your periodontist can quickly examine your existing bone structure during tooth extraction, allowing them to determine if you're a good candidate for future implants. 


While your extraction heals, they can check the bone growth process and determine if implants will likely hold fast or would run into rejection issues. They can also assess if you’d be a candidate for a bridge or other dental appliance, given the state of your gums and existing jawbone health. 


If you need a tooth extraction but need help deciding what dentist to turn to, check out Washington Periodontics. Their team of experienced periodontists can perform extractions, treat gum disease, and much more. Call their office today at (703) 569-4040 to make an appointment, talk with an expert, or ask any questions about gum disease, dental extractions, implants, etc. Our team of trained professionals would be happy to help care for your dental needs. 


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